Romance Novel - Love Begets Wealth

In the field of literature, 100% new concept has been presented. And, it is proved with challenge that LOVE plays vital role in MINTING MONEY.

It's a love story of an irresponsible and vagabond Michael who pursues exclusively different hobby to nurture his romantic ideas and accidentally gets beautiful Bobbi.

It is my word, whoever reads this romance novel, will not be able to keep it down; and I assure you that you shall need it for future reference too. The concept of this romantic novel is so novel that you might never have read or even imagined. Moreover, it contains a self help book (booklet) on "Wealth Creation".

The youngsters are living contemptibly pathetic life due to their own psychological rut; and it's not correct. This ebook, full of inspirational thoughts , provides them substantial impetus and prepares their minds to slough their negative approach. Well, the new breed of youngsters are not ready to digest 'do this-do that' way of preaching. So I have tried to direct them to the avenues of Wealth Creation, gently through humorous love story, knitted in titillating love quotes.

Various testimonials given by readers as their feedbacks speak volumes. I have quoted the few.

  1. "We know 'Love begets love'. Mr. Bajaj adroitly proves that, 'love begets wealth' too. And at the end reader accepts his philosophy. That is his skill. His faculty of imagination is terrific."
  2. "The ebook is a paragon of the combination of love story, hobby, family drama, humor, torture of parting, poetry and virtuous techniques of wealth creation."
  3. "..the ebook is a must in all the libraries of management studies."

It's my challenge; any ambitious reader, who reads it, shall re-read it and strongly recommend it to his friends. Everyone feels that his kinspersons should also be benefited in the pursuance of making money.

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ISBN: 978-81-7525-979-9

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