Writing, posting and delivering love letters is one of the most ancient methods of communicating Love. In this computer era, this interaction between two distant lovers may be called 'off line'.

When the lovers meet 'on line', face to face or in embrace, they use all the five senses to express their love; viz: see, smell, hear, taste and touch. They see and show, hear and talk, taste and smack, smell and spread fragrance, and touch and caress each other. They do not need a letter as an instrument for communication.

Many a times, a beloved is away. And to express Love and to keep the bond intact, people prefer writing love letters. One gets real pleasure when a postman delivers a love letter. By just gazing at the eyes of someone eagerly waiting for the postman carrying the sac of letters, we can understand the anxiety. And when we see sequentially changing expressions while receiving, opening and reading the love letter, the scenario is really amusing.

If thousands of love letters written to the sweet hearts by loving and longing lovers are compiled, and if the gist is summed up, most common words at the outset would be two words, 'I miss'.

I miss you
My eyes miss your smile, beauty, loving gesture...
My ears miss the chime of your giggle, sweetness of your chatting...
My nostrils miss the fragrance of your body...
My lips miss the ambrosia of your kiss...
My body misses your touch, and...so on...

Those words of missing could only be described effectively with the love letters. May I add two lines to accentuate the importance of love letters?

Two words scribbled
Love gets trebled

And the effect is profound. Thanks to the modern technology, e-mail has been invented and the procedure of communicating the feelings has been accelerated.

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