It is an astonishing fact that romance novels rank highest in the domain of literature. Let us first discuss recipe of romance. When the connoisseurs, a man and a woman come together to cherish the so called romance, they have to undergo a cookery more often out of kitchen. Take all or the part of emotions together. Every time use different variations in the quantity to suit your mood.

The ingredients are all sort of emotions taken together. Start from anticipation, awe, disappointment, contempt and anxiety. Then put optimism, attraction and aggression. Lesser the dose of jealousy, anger and remorse, the better is the finish product.

Now put the important emotions of love and lust. Serve in the dish of romance, thoroughly mixed with coquetry.

Now the sweet dish called as 'sweet heart' is ready at Your Majesty's service. May I summarize it in a lyrical short-cut?

She may deny
At first advance.

Feign a benign
Given the chance

Flatter and beseech
Propose for a dance

Going to the trance
Is 'Take off' of romance

Yes, all the romance novels are based on the techniques which are not so novel; as the romance has been practiced for last tens of thousand years in the genus of genius human beings. Still the readers always have an unquenched thirst to search something more exciting in the romance novels, because 'romance with a darling' is their most darling subject.

Keep it up. Mind well. You don't stop romancing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop romancing. Diminishing romance is a sure symptom of aging.

Well, participants in the romantic tales are the lovers, and in majority of the cases the story swings between 'love-lust-romance'. Romance is considered to be a pleasant experience and emerges purely from a desire of self gratification. Margaret Anderson has said correctly, 'In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person.'

And to guide the people all the altruist authors try the novels on romance. 'Try romance and stay young' is their tacit motto. Maximum numbers of contemporary love stories on the stage shows, movie screens and television episodes have joined the bandwagon. The society shall always be indebted to the authors of romance novels, if they don't indulge porno or obscenity.

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