Romantic ideas sprout and shoot from the primary subjects related to love, lovers, passion, flirtation, sex and so on. The eminent writers, from the ancient times to date have been writing on this particular faculty.

In the primitive time, when the writing skill was not developed, or as on today, in the backward territories where the people are deprived of even basic education and writing skills, people swap, exchange, discuss and cherish the romantic ideas and tales. It is most favored topic across the globe as the ideas related to romance can be contrived putting pleasure, sorrow, humor, sex, violence or valor. Time and space can not bound romantic ideas or romance novels.

'Love story' is the birth child of romantic idea that is why the term, 'idea is conceived'. The people always have enjoyed the stories coated in the love syrup. The book written by Mr. G.J.Bajaj, 'Love begets wealth' too is a romantic novel. While reading, it tickles all the delicate body ulterior and makes a reader shred tears of joy and sorrow, two extremely opposite emotions. That is the skill of the author.
The story marches through the sheer anxiety to the pure satisfaction.

The romantic tales of Shiri-Farhad, Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu are the ones, which shall be read and appreciated for the generations. Unlike these historical realities 'Love begets wealth' is a fiction knitted on enchanting, but imaginary romantic idea.

'Love begets wealth' is a tiny endeavor, not even eligible to sit at the foot of these immortal factual realities. Still it is a class of its own. No, it smells boasting. I would say it is a sort of its own.

Let us attempt frequently asked questions on 'Romance' in rhyme.

Q. Is romance an art?
A. Yes, it is an art, can be compared with classical duet song.

Q. It is love. Or is it its part?
A. Yes, it is half part, to be played by duo.

Q. Is it skin deep or does it touch the heart?
A. It starts from skin and reaches to the heart, or other way round.

Q. Is it fragrant or spreads the fart?
A. It is participant's perfume and the fart for the others seething with envy.

Q. Either of the two, who should start?
A. Either or both at once may start.

It is a challenge that the reader won't be able to keep the book down (Or I should say the reader won't put the computer on silent mode, as it's an e-book). The course of romantic idea, romance woven in the story goes from frivolousness to magnanimity, vagabonding to making fortune, taking various turns that the reader gets 'sure shot' formula of creating wealth.

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Romantic Ideas

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